It’ so easy to let time get away from you. 

Putting off doing things until ‘tomorrow’ somehow becomes a  month from now.

Holding on to hurts and grudges so long you forget what you were upset about.

Having a wide circle of ever growing family that you kinow nothing about.

I’m sad that it took the passing of a loved family member to bring such things to light.

Wishing I could have said goodbye, that hurts.

Thinking maybe he didn’t know I cared, that hurts.

Not knowing who else I might miss, that hurts.

No going back to change things, that’s a fact.

But maybe in honor of my dear great uncle,

I can promise to do better by my lost family.

I can take the first steps;

I will hold out my hand;

I will forgive;Image

I will send out love.

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