It’ so easy to let time get away from you. 

Putting off doing things until ‘tomorrow’ somehow becomes a  month from now.

Holding on to hurts and grudges so long you forget what you were upset about.

Having a wide circle of ever growing family that you kinow nothing about.

I’m sad that it took the passing of a loved family member to bring such things to light.

Wishing I could have said goodbye, that hurts.

Thinking maybe he didn’t know I cared, that hurts.

Not knowing who else I might miss, that hurts.

No going back to change things, that’s a fact.

But maybe in honor of my dear great uncle,

I can promise to do better by my lost family.

I can take the first steps;

I will hold out my hand;

I will forgive;Image

I will send out love.





a tool is any physical item that can be used to achieve a goal, especially if the item is not consumed in the process.

We all know that man has been using tools in one form or another since they started walking. There are countless examples of animals who also use tools made from their environment. Although many may think this is a day dedicated solely for a man to buy or play with power drills, that is not the case. Many women in this day and age not only own their own tools but have a better understanding of how to use them than do some men.

Today I encourage everyone to feed their macho side and lift high their hammers; charge boldly forth into your house and find at least one thing to fix. Pull out your tool box (or bag) and celebrate having the right tools for the job!


A Rose by Any Other Name …



This day honors the seldom used middle name that often sets a person apart from others. Also known to alert you to the amount of trouble you are in when your mother uses it in conjucture with your first and last name.

Example : Cailean Emmett Stone! ! !

I’ve always been very proud of my name because it is unique and means something special to me. It is a name that is found in several people from both sides of my family, in various forms.

I love the way my mother named me and my siblings to have the same initials (JAA).  I have made it a tradition when I named my boys and gave them matching initials (CES).  It actually takes more thought and planning than people may think, especially if you pick each individual name for a particular reason. I don’t know how unique that is across the country, but it means something to my little family. 

Anntonette : English, highly praiseworthy. From a Roman clan name. Associated with the Greek anthos, meaning flower. Feminine for Anthony.