Why do people make lame excuses for simple things? 

I’ve been a single mom; a full-time employee; a single mom with two jobs; a full-time mom, employee and college student … 

and yet somehow I always found time to do the things that mattered to me and keep in touch with the people that mattered.

Why do so many people seem to have that problem?

Love all excuses they come up with, when the simple truth is they just don’t want to keep in touch.

O but you know when they call you or want to see you, they don’t understand why you are  not jumping through hoops for the honor!

Is it a male/female thing? A generation thing?? A culture oddity or maybe a geographic distinction … ??? 

The world may never know.

That concludes today’s vent for Things-That-Make-You-Want-to-Stab-A-Person-in-the-Throat. 

You will now be directed to the remainder of your perfectly sane evening.